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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Are we hiding an alien nation?- my alien experiences

Are we an alien nation? my personal experiences

I have always been a firm believer in ufo and aliens. I don't have alot of personal knowledge about them, but I have had a few strange experiences. My experiences have been more recent than in the past. I just wanted to share with those who may be interested in aliens and I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences stated within this blog.

Most recent events happened at night in the Burton upon Trent area of Derbyshire. I was looking outside of my best friends bedroom window. We were both witnesses to two orange lights, which were hovering just over the trees opposite to us. There was one to the left and also one to the right, just above the trees.  It was a dark cloudy night, and it had been thundering, but besides the odd traffic, there was no noise. The flight path was adjacent to where the two orange ufo's were. After watching them for sometime, the ufo just closed in towards the middle of where we were, moved towards each other and then jetted away right in front our eyes.

We see these orange lights every couple of weeks. I know they are  definately not chinese lanterns. We have evidence of this because two years before that night. The following photo was authenicated as a report and it was placed in the OVNI Journal Fowler.O,(2009). Buxton, Derbys. report April 09. The journal for the discerning researcher. Website:
Take a look:

Copywrite to G.A.G & J.K 2011
 This photo was researched, processed and classified as being an original captured photo of a UFO. Comments are very welcome too.

To read the full description of the report for free. Please join our spiritualhorizons forum. Here is the exact link to the topic thread.
As you can see, it is definately not any chinese lantern. At the time I never feared it, in fact I had my first telepathic experience. What I seen  in my third eye/mental eye, was an alien. He looked humanoid in nature. It was male and he seemed to wear a blue uniform. I did not fear and at the time I just thought nothing of it. I discount alot of my experiences you see. If I reflect back upon this event. I am surprised how calm I felt at the time. This event happened just outside of East Midlands Airport, we were travelling in a car across the local countryside.
Moving on from this particular event.

The whurling ball of light

I once lived in Birmingham,UK. This was during the late 90's. I was asleep on the top floor of the house I shared with a friend. One night I really was frightened. The light switch was by the entrance to my bedroom. I had no lamp by my side or within reach.  I remember waking up and hearing a whurling noise outside of my window. It felt that something was whizzing from one end of the street to the other.  I did not dare look out od my bedroom window.  However, I still thought it was something wierd happening to me. The next moment I heard my door handle open and I just could not move. I shouted to my friend and her bedroom was under neath mine. The kids slept with her, and yes, it could easily be a spirit. She replied she was in the bedroom down stairs. At this point I really was scared, because no one else could be opening my room. I discounted the whole event and I did not see anything. I just screamed "go away" .

However, the next few days were insightful to say the least. Two friends came to visit myself in my home and we began chatting. I had discounted the event, and so never spoke about it. I probably didn't speak about it because of fear of being called crazy.
My two friends began to tell of the same story. What was unnerving about this event, is the fact that one of my friends had actually opened her curtain to see a small silver ball hovering at her bedroom window. She presented the same whurling noise that I heard. She also said that all her electrics in the house the next morning were broken. I am still abit on edge when I reflect upon this situation. I still do not know what it was, maybe you will know.

We do not know to this day, what it was we seen. Was it an alien?

The UFO at Scarbourgh Castle,UK
Summer 2010

Copywrite J.K & G.AG. Do not copy without prior permission.

You may not see this particular UFO straight away. You need to be able to expand upon the photo.  What you are looking for is the small silver item up in the sky. You need to look above the first tower of the castle on the left hand side of this photo. The UFO can be seen inside the two puffs of cloud. Please say you can see it. It is not a bird because it looks rounded and metallic in nature. A seagull is seen on the bottom left hand corner of the castle. So you can also compare it.  It was not until we reviewed the photos taken at Scarbourgh Castle, that we even spotted this. If you wish to save this to have a closer look. Please ask me first and I would be happy to let you do so.

British Airways flight to Vancouver, CA. Fall, 2006

I cannot explain to anyone what happened to myself and my friend on this flight. All I can explain to you is this description of events. Please make your own mind up.

On the flight out from London Heathrow we were on a 747 jet and we had already flew around 9/10 hours backwards to our location, Vancouver Airport, BC. (YVR). It was the flight coming into Vancouver which was strange. All the rest of the flight was perfect and nothing particular could be reported.

As we prepared to land and we had started to descend, the pilot reported that we had to fly around the city and prepare to fly down to land again. So basically the pilot for some reason, chose not to attempt the landing. At the same time, I was looking out of the window and I saw myself on this flight sat by the window. It was like for a few moments, I looked out at the flight I was on, and British Airways signage was backwards. I could see myself in the cabin of the plane.
My friend at the same time explained the same thing to me.
We finally landed on the ground of Vancouver flight, but what happened to me? was it an alien experience? or was it some form of astral projection?

I hope I have explained these experiences, because they happened to me, but I have either discounted them or I honestly cannot explain them and how they happened. They just did.

Feel free to add your own experiences or comments in the comments. Again, thank you for following my blog.

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  1. love this post! even though i have never experienced anything i truely believe there is another form of life out there, its just that the arrogence of mankind that thinks we are the only intelligent lifeform in the whole solar system. But as the majority of the solar system is still unexplored how do they know what is or isnt out there whether it be a parrell universe to this one with "humans" or an entirely different planet with "little green men" we are yet to find out!

  2. I love this Blog and your experiences, I agree that we are most definately not alone in the universe and people need to open their eyes. People walk around so blindfolded and don't look up to the wonders that our universe holds, I bet Aliens pass people by all the time going hey look at me but people are so closed off that they can't even contemplate the fact that we are most definately not alone.
    Brilliant blog, really enjoying reading your posts.

  3. I currently believe that "offspring" could be walking amongst us. I don't have any knowledge or theory on this. I just feel it. I wonder if the reason they come back is to collect their own?
    Thank you for your supporting comments. I really appreciate them