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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My early psychic experiences-reflecting with the angels

 Thank you for reading my angel experiences. It is hoped that my psychic experiences as a child will found a basis and become a background into being able to contact and interact with my angels. Since I was a young child I had psychic experiences such as seeing ghosts, seeing and sensing future events. I just thought it was natural at the time if I was honest, but part of me as I grew older closed my self down.

In my old home when I was around ten years of age. I had been in the kitchen cooking apple pies with my mum and I turned around to her and said "Mam, who is that man who has just walked into the living room?" All I remember seeing is a black figure (energy form) of a man with a large flat hat. Apparently, an old style priest's outfit. My mam had all the lights on in the house and sat with me at the front door, until my dad had come home. Other psychic experiences included prophetic signs. I'm not sure if you would call them that, but that's how I would describe them.

One experience was as a teenager. I was so close to my uncle at the time and he passed away down in the Greater London area of the United Kingdom. I was up at home in Greater Manchester. The time that he passed I was called to go out to the landing area of my upstairs floor. I looked up and saw a huge orb looking white light, very round and it had wings stretching out either side. It was slowly moving higher into the attic area. The time was 8.20pm approx.

 Now for some reason, seeing this I jumped down two flights of stairs and shouted my mum. The following day our family had a phone call and was told the sad news that my uncle had passed away. We told them the time that I had saw the apparition and together we freaked out a little. My uncle who is so close to me, had told me in essence that he was saying good bye.
Another little event was when I was young and I had been hanging out in the local valley.

A group of friends were playing and chatting and I heard church bells. There was no local church in the area, and with my phyical eyes I saw a church instead of St.Malachi's School. My friends at the time ridiculed me. Years later as you do, neighbours were discussing local ghost haunts and they told me that there did use to be a church before the school. I did freak at that, what I was seeing was true and years later the answer was clear. I had seen residual energy.

I wonder if anyone else has other experiences like my self? The issue is not once do I remember having an angelic encounter. I do remember having ringing in ears but at such an early age I would discount them, that's of course until now.

Today, I refer back to some of my psychic experiences because I relate them to being fearful of seeing. At that time I was a bit freaked out by seeing other planes of existence. I can often sense if an energy is dark or light. What I mean by this is angel experiences are often calm and enjoyable. If we seek to gain a psychic or angelic experience, we need to trust and believe that what we experience will be one of light and love. If we fear, we will either shut off our senses or attract darker entities who may want to feed off our fear.

Angels came to me with a message, messages of warmth, goodness and positivity. I recollect a time just a few weeks after my first encounter with Archangel Michael. I had been upset and sat on my bed and all I heard in a frequency was "You are a light" This voice was so special to me and something I will never forget. The frequency was one of an angel and his voice was on a frequency so higher than my own, that he was quick and fast to hear. That evening I also had an other frequency come down to my own and say "Remember who you are" that frequency was that of Archangel Michael.

The angels understand how we are opening up to more psychic experiences and will approach you taking a small step each time you wish to interact with them. If you are serious about doing so.

I am a co-founder of SpiritualHorizons an angelic and spiritual organisation which promotes and teaches how to change your life around and create an angel inner you. I am a qualified healer and teacher and have recently gained a B.A(Hons) Education Studies and Healing Arts Degree. To read more about me, I suggest to visit Spiritual Horizons and read "about us".


  1. Wow love your blog and all your previous ones, you have had some amazing experiences with both Angels and spirits, can I ask do you need to be religious to have encounters with Angels?
    Your website is amazing also, thank you for sharing with us all.

  2. Thanks for your question in relation to angels gemjar. The answer to "Can I ask do you need to be religious to have encounters with Angels?"
    The answer is No, Angels are an outreach from the extension of our very own creator. The creator sent our angels to assist us on our spiritual journey on earth. Our Creator is love and love is everything. Our angels are therefore very loving and very unconditional to any one who genuinely requests their help. I hope this answers your question. Thank you

  3. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.

  4. Thank you so very much. It's really encouraging to hear your comments. Enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you