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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

From the begining there was me.

In the begining there was me.
I have kept so many things 'secret' until now. Some may be amazed at what I will share, others may shrug their shoulders, others may think 'yeah that could be true' others may think I am bonkers. What I would like  try to  and tell you all is that this is my journey. You read if you want to read this personal account of my spiritual interests. You don't have to follow if you are not interested. Simples really.

Why I chose to write about these things?

I find that I bring things that are new and deep, I have to share and express the inner me and perhaps I would like to share with you some of the inner battles, or paranormal experiences. It is hoped that I can help someone out there with what I know. What do I expect in return.. hmm nothing really. It would be great if you could recommend my blog to others or even follow me. I'm sure you will comment and just realise the angelic inner you. There are so many possibilities.

What will I write about?
Rubs my hands together. (-: My healing work, experiences and thoughts and feelings which may be reflective upon the learning I have accomplished. I may share my channelled messages here by the ascended ones and archangels. I can explain to you paranormal experiences and place here photos' I have collected from these situations. This is going to be one really interesting blog account. I know alot will want to read and follow this. I will write articles in consideration of the website and so many follows of our homesite will be previledged to find personal experiences here too.
I will also share my early experiences with the angelic realm and how I came to hear Archangel Michael and co. I will also provide paranormal experiences and information in relation to ascension and you as an angel of earth.
The aim of my blog is to hopefully document my experiences in various dimensions spiritually and physically. I find it will become a popular place to be and I look forward to so many interesting comments and meeting other like minded individuals. I just hope I can find others who are like myself and therefore hold some form of resonance amongst the crowd.
Thank you in advance for following me and finding what I write interesting.

All of my experiences are considered personal and I would love for you to forward or relink my blog back to here. If there are any questions please feel free to ask them. Above all keep my blog pure, respectful and a positive area. If you wish to obtain any of my articles or experiences for your books, websites or blogs. Please contact me in the first instance. Please honour the hard work that is often put into blogs from authors like myself.

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