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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Meeting Archangel Michael

My first interaction with a very big Archangel.

Many of my friends already know that I am a deep spiritual person. It is something I do not shy away from and I love being open about it. The one thing that was missing from my life were angels. I started communicating with angels in 2006 and possibly earlier.  I had read in the bible about Archangels such as Michael and Gabriel. As I think most people do they are aware that angels may exist but have never really interacted with one until now.

A few years previous to this, I had made friends with my best friend Gemma. We came together as friends through a successful TV series online discussion forum and since then have become as close as sisters. One day, I had been visiting Gemma at her home and as all girls do, we began gossiping, having fun and held girly chats.
All of a sudden I heard what felt like clicking in my left ear lobe. You could say it was similar to a how a dolphin commuicates, except this was clicking in the side of my ear and creating words which as you would gather, would elaborate into an angelic message.

At this time in my life, I was very relaxed, happy and clear minded. This is the best stage to recieve an angelic message because you are not ment to force them and the right words often float into your mind at the right time. It amazed me how I was recieving this type of communication and how astonished I was that I was chosen to communicate with such higher purer beings in my life. This was the start of my angelic experiences and I wish to share these to others.

I was not frightened in anyway, because the energy which surrounds ourselves was pure love and I felt very radiant. The energy of Archangel Michael was strength and power, a feeling of security and fearlessness. This is often felt when he is around you and so it is hoped hearing this, you this will empower you to understand that this is a feature to Archangel Michael and he hopes that you will also begin to feel his presence. For Gemma she had a clear mind and she was able to make her first telepath experience.

My First Angelic Messages
"Time zones exist so that the world keeps turning, whilst one side sleeps, the other keeps turning"

"People are like machines, they need to recharge or they malfunction"

"Satan will rule for a thousand years and this thousand years are over."

Even though you would share this experience to others almost immediate, we did not. This was because the experiences was new to us and we felt during this time it was equally private.  At the time we were enjoying ourselves, we were relaxed and focused. It was such a honour to meet a famous great archangel such as Michael. This was the first visitations of many that have happened over the last few years.

At the time we were enjoying ourselves, each others company and we were relaxed and focused.  The most inspiring thing about Michael and the realm of angels is that they are very unconditional in nature, full of fun and very light in energy. This how we knew they were angelic in nature at this time.
This means that regardless of your religious, political or scientific values and opinions held, Archangel Michael provided respect to both of our beliefs. I come from an irish roman catholic background and Gemma is almost agnostic or a non-believer in any known religion. This therefore provides evidenced how pure the angels love for us is. It does not matter what we are, where we come from and what our beliefs are. They love us unconditionally and this is their example for us to learn and teach to others.

The messages we recieved were clear and precise, definately something I wrote down immediately afterwards and I do believe to this day, they have come to past.

Angels are messengers from our creator, they are the extensions of our creator, who provides very pure unconditonal love to each one of us.  Each archangel oversees a particular dimension of our creator, sharing particular aspects and qualities of our creator to share, heal and manifest with ourselves.
Angels are messengers from our creator, from the heavens above.

More personal messages were certainly passed onto us using telepathy and the clicking sounds. I heard every word passed to me as clear as day.

What did I make of it?

I have had many previous psychic experiences throughout my life but nothing as clear and amazing as this one. I did feel alittle fearful because of my religious background, I thought he had come to drag me off to hell or something. I can laugh at that no, he hasn't done yet, but told me as you will see, that I will go to heaven after I die and I will be going to another higher dimension. Which is a true blessings. He cut off and relieved my fear of heavenly judgement and my understanding now is that we are all judged by the good deeds we do, rather than the negative ones.

I respect Archangel Michael because he has shown so many character traits that have left me behind at a shot. He is respectable, loyal, fearless, friendly, fatherly and enjoys alot of fun. Yet, he deals with all our requests for help as though it's flicking a piece of dust off his shoulder.
Other messages we were told on the first day were:

"You are both ascending to a higher realm. The coming years you will become even more advanced and ready for it."

"You are placed here for this? This is your job, your life mission"

Several years later, I have become a clear pure channel communicator and some call this an angelic medium.
I can and still do speak to my angels on a daily basis. I channel messages for anyone who requires this service or help. I know very well their nature towards humans. They are fun loving, happy, positive, loving, forgiving, understanding, appreciative and pure heavenly beings.

I am here to provide examples of living life in a positive, loving and fun manner. To provide peace on earth and to help assist the angels to quash pain and to fight for free will to remain in our hands.
Gemma and myself are commissioned by the angels to do this. To become physical examples of angels on earth.
We both advise on all angelic matters, creating worry free spiritual experiences. We are angelic healers and are assigned to assist the angels to serve mankind and to lead by examples of living a higher ascending spiritual life.
We also provide this through  through our courses, services and workshops.

It is hoped we can provide evidence of the love the angels have for you. To also share our own angelic experiences with you and to provide you insight into my angelic life.

I hope that if you wish to discuss anything in my blogs, that you do ask or comments here. I would love to know what other people thought about my experiences or it would be pointless to share.

Feel free to follow my blog and the many more to come. I hope it has helped in some way.


  1. Very interesting, At this right moment I'm trying to find information about the Angels. I have been meditating for a while but today I was told to try to contact the Angels by a person on a Gem store. So how can I contact them or any of them? I've never believed in Angels before but I'm willing and open to it. Can you help me?

  2. Is there anyway i can contact you for help contacting my guardian angel and archangel michael?

  3. Yes please email