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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Healing on earth: Continuing to support the new dimensions

Earth Changes
Many of us are not aware that our earth is entering a state of grace. The passing on of events which many of you are familiar with and they are called the ‘end of times’.  The planet known as earth has been populated through-out time and more recently it has been followed by many tragic events from world wars through to famine and earthquakes. Teaching you to withstand and sustain the test of time, to strengthen your character and to teach you the lyrical value of trusting in your own free will.   In time as this new dimension approaches and indeed it has, one would tend to dream of replacing material values and adapting to more spiritual ones.
Dear ones, you are closer to your father than ever before, yet you still hold a sense of achievement which is devoured by self pity and gloating. As the time approaches you will evitable have no choice but to exceed in your own.

A wave of healing, light and conscious energy has now approached us that will bring our earth in line with the rest of our universe.  Developing from this there is an umbrella of choice made available to life on earth.  This entails a fortune of goodies to the many who wish to make a change for the better.
Developing self-esteem which is rich in love and seeped in confidence is one of the options made available to you. The next one is mercy and we all should be able to learn to give each other the break which is so valuably needed. Do not hold your brothers faults against him and offer continuous forgiveness to each other.
Through this trial period, you prevent your selves from becoming more rich in spirit at peace with one ‘self’ and reaping the resources made rich by healing yourself and each other.
It is true that we are emerging into a new lighter way of life, a world which is lighter and less dense as previously known. In order for us to continue to support this new dimension one needs to learn how to live with the new energy that has emerged within you too.
Through meeting the needs provided by each other, we enter a world of service. Rich in gratitude and strength which therefore enfolds into a world of peace and harmony and provides you with the will to sustain this new energy and which will help us all stay lifted in the higher dimension of love with you now embrace.
What is much needed is the will and power to become face to face with your heart. It is the one which is the real true you, the one which has felt the hurt and pain from following what is the illusion. This illusion was when your father your creator created the head to balance the heart. This is also like opposites red and green, up and down, black and white. There is also the head and the heart and the new world will no longer allow you to follow your head.
Your mind is a powerful tool when used appropriately; it is used for the purpose of thinking and being creative. When used positively then you are able to manifest good deeds and a positive outlook within your life will be yours. However, when we are not able to grasp the mind and we allow the ego to be self indulgent and negative, this is where your heart may become torn, if we continue to follow it through.
Allow me to explain, it is like a toolbox which you use to prevent you from stopping the churning out of weeds and exploitations. Against your own free will, you use your mind to catapult imaginary negativity towards your self and each other. What this means is that thought form over time becomes heavily unbearable. You must learn to relax and perhaps ignore the negative mindset which you can achieve. If you decide to listen to your negative mindset, this creates your world to a more lower dimension. One which disempowers you and further more feel more distant and disconnected.
Get rid of the weeds in your life. What we mean by this is anything that is not your inner truth. The truth of how you feel. Does it make you happy? is this choice the wise decision? Spiritual Horizons can help and assist you. Teaching and advising you to let go and to find out what truely is on your heart.
One way of not being negative is to focus on your service to others. When you feel you are drifting into the disillusion. Simply get out in nature and go for a walk. Nature nurtures you, the saying is not there to be ignored.  Also see how you can smile to someone on the street, that person you say that simple hello too, you never know how that one hello may impact them. See what you can do for others, it does not have to be something major but you can always be kind in someway or loveable, giving or just a smile. This will take you up a notch or too in frequency, this will make you feel the gratitude back in your heart.
Living is heaven on earth
This is so but only if you believe. See believe is the key to being golden. The golden era comes around once in a blue moon. So it is equal to say that to move up into a new dimension. Healing takes place when we learn to forgive and to forget. If someone is pulling you down, then do you need them to really pull you down?
Living is heaven on earth because as we all evolve to a higher frequency the more we can teach each other to love, you cherish heaven in your heart. Learn to love each other. People often ask how do I love or I want to know what love is and I want you to show me.
Love is to accept your friend, neighbour and stranger as they are as they stand before you. To accept that their flaws are theirs to own and not for you to judge. For as you judge others, people will judge you in the same manner.
I leave you peace and love and it is hoped that this message rings a tune in your heart. This first part of this blog was a channelled message by the ascended masters and Archangel Michael. The later part is chosen by myself to explain a few details more.
Spiritual Horizons will begin to provide online courses to teach these simple teachings in September, we will also providing healing courses.
The author of this article holds a B.A(hons) in Education with Healing Arts.
We at spiritual horizons invite you to use our services. we hope that you will follow us as we develop into a large spiritual angelic organisation within the next year.

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  1. WOW!! what an amazing Blog, thank you for sharing this with us, you make so many great points and I thank you for taking the time to write this. Many more should read what you have to say.